15 January 2011


Who says modern life is rubbish? Well, keep your head down, Damon, because here's an example of something great that couldn't have happened even 10 years ago.

Listening to Radio 3 last week, I was struck by the voice of the announcer, who I'd never heard before. The accent was a weird blend of Irish and, I guessed, Indian. The Radio 3 website confirmed that her name was Karishmeh Felfeli - a spelling which I probably wouldn't have guessed. So a quick google finds she has a wikipedia entry, which confirms she was indeed born in India (in Pune) but has lived and worked in Ireland for some time as a musician with a wide range of interests.

Follow the links and you find her Glenn Gould Project, or Sarabande, which is largely self-explanatory but covers a wide range of musical topics, and her show for Dublin radio, Offbeat, with a complete online archive of shows, including one dedicated to a Belfast dog that had been impounded by the local authority for looking a bit dodgy. She has also spun off into a blog about animal welfare. Clearly, a fascinating woman.

There's so much interesting stuff here that I have only begun to explore, and all of this springing from an intriguing accent heard on a rainy afternoon. Modern life is brilliant.


Rory said...

My friend and I were lucky enough to meet her at one of her lecture-recitals a couple of years ago. I will never forget it, unlike the majority of classical music performers who pretend to care about what a member of the audience has to say post-concert, she spoke to us for nearly 20 minutes! I emailed her the next day saying how inspired I was and I also asked her about a particular piece she had featured on the program and received a lovely message back a few days later - she asked for my postal address, and sent me a copy of the score!!
I'm listening to her Radio 3 programs on iPlayer - though I have been reading her blogs and listening to her Irish radio show for the past few years. A remarkable, incredibly unassuming woman in more ways than one, and from what I can gather she's still in her twenties!

Brian said...

Thanks, Rory. Really interesting comment! I had already got the impression that Karishmeh is not your average classical musician, and it's good that you confirm that. What bothers me is that the Radio 3 work, so far, is basically introducing - it's not clear if she'll be doing anything like Offbeat on R3, or indeed if she'll be continuing to do Offbeat for Dublin. Surely one of those!

Rory said...

I heard her last night on Dublin City FM, so I imagine Offbeat will always remain. I can't imagine R3 ever letting a program like that on their network, but then again, maybe they will surprise me! I found this stuff in her own words, and
Anyway, have bookmarked your blog and am enjoying your posts.

Martina said...

Have been a fan of Offbeat ever since it first started airing a few years ago, I really hope Dublin City FM don't lose Karishmeh to the BBC as I will miss her Saturday night musings and excellent interviews. Also an animal lover so I have a soft spot for anyone who uses the media to share positivity and compassion (Lennox program a great example of this)