22 December 2008


the bathroom work has now stopped until the new year. Nothing done today as other work is demanding to be done. Actually, I'm not that bothered. It really is not much more than snagging now, apart from refitting the bath panels, which builder has agreed to do tomorrow. It's more of a problem for builder, because he's having to wait longer for payment. And he's agreed to take £300 off the roofing work that we'd already identified in the new year.

I can at least move my bathroom stuff back into the bathroom for two weeks, which means I have more room in the kitchen. And it means I did a smart thing today in buying a new bogbrush. From Woolworths, as it goes, at a stupid price. What a shop! As each shelf becomes empty, they sell it. The only bags they had (to put things in) were binbags, so I was traipsing around a rather smart town in Kent (hint: I began to feel disgusted and almost wrote a letter to the Telegraph), with this huge sack over my shoulder like a lowrent premature santa.

Some shops have their own atmosphere. Woolworths was desperately sad. I went into Halfords on Saturday to get a new headlamp bulb, and it smelt of disappointed ambition. I went into BHS today for the first time in years. Previously, I was put off by the SALE SALE SALE signs everywhere. Now it's the only shop that doesn't have them. It was halfempty. And HMV was basically saying we know you're going to buy dvds and cds, you don't care how much they cost, you'll even form a snaking queue halfway around the store to pay us. Packed. Bastards. I gave up and, reader, I bought the dvd I was intending to buy in Sainsburys later for £2 less. Take that, HMV!


Rock scorpion said...

Shame on you! You went shopping without taking your own bags. Good for Woolworths for not polluting the world with plastic bags. If they had stopped giving them out willynilly they might have lasted longer. Mind you they have introduced the new game of "Find the reduced birthday cards you need in our randomised display then try to find where we put the envelopes" What fun. Is your builder using supermario to retile the roof? I suppose that is a funny shape too.

Brian said...

Bad of me, I know, but that binbag will find use as a binbag. One thing I noticed that they still had loads of, were those plastic shower hose attachments that you push over your taps to wash your hair and flood the bathroom. Who uses them now? There, I'd say, is the reason it all went wrong for Woolies, stocking things that people don't want, even at 60% off. Yes of course my roof is a funny shape. Otherwise it wouldn't fit the house.