25 October 2008

Charlton 1 Burnley 1

That was better, eventually. A poor start, going behind to a soft goal after 13 minutes - a drive that slipped through everyone in a crowded penalty area. Everyone then waited for the spirit to fail and the technique to vanish - but it didn't happen. The second half saw some inspired substitutions: Todorov and Sam on for Primus and Macleod meant that Cranie could go into the centre of defence, where he looked much more comfortable, and Basey took over at left back. It wasn't perfect, but the confidence grew and the goal - a header from Todorov from a Basey freekick - was pretty much deserved. Late in the game Varney should have scored but tried to dribble the ball around the keeper rather than just lash it in. Lack of confidence, obviously, but a win would have been more than we deserved. At last, the team had showed some resilience, and maybe it's a turning point.

Much more interesting than that was the presence of a god in human form just a few seats along from me: the legendary Derek Hales!

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